The Bra Economics

The Bra Economics

I’ll keep it simple.

Say, you buy 5 bras from an open market at an average price of 500 BDT. It adds up to 2500 BDT.

- Price, duh!
- Variety/options

- Awkward male hawkers judging your size by staring at your bust
- No trial option
- Lack of size guidance/consultation
- 2/5 fits correctly, 3 are most likely items you’ll wear once a year at best due to the discomfort
- Wires that’ll poke your boobs after a month’s use or two
- Hard cup & rough straps that leaves cut marks on the body

Now, you buy 3 Seamless Bras from SHAPE. Prices start at 809 BDT (Seamless Lite), so let’s take that as an example. Adds up to 2427 BDT.

- All 3 are 100% usable bras for regular use!
- Female sales representatives both online/offline
- Trial option available offline, exchange option available online
- Proper size consultation & guidance based on your body type
- No poking wires
- Soft, supportive cups & adjustable straps that leave no mark

- Slightly expensive

My point is, invest in good innerwear! It’ll not only make you comfortable throughout the day, but it’ll also save you from long-term health hazards like chronic back pain!

3 Good Seamless Bras, even if it’s a bit expensive > 5 Bad Bras that are super cheap, fr!!!

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